IEEE 51st European Solid-State Device Research Conference


IEEE 47th European Solid-State Circuits Conference

13. From InP bipolar transistors to analog front-end integrated circuits: Innovations in devices, THz measurements, compact modeling and circuits
Chairs: Cristell MANEUX (IMS Bordeaux) and Virginie Nodjiadjim (III-V Lab)


Cristell Maneux (IMS) and Virginie Nodjiadjim (III-V Lab)


13.1) InP DHBT technology at III-V Lab

Virginie Nodjiadjim (III-V Lab, France)

13.2) InP DHBT technologies at FBH
Hady Yacoub (Ferdinand-Braun-Institut
, Germany)

13.3) THz InP/GaAsSb DHBTs
Colombo Bolognesi (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

13.4) Multi-Scale Modeling of Type-II DHBTs: from Bandstructure to Self-Heating Effects
Xin Wen (ETH Zürich,

13.5) On-Wafer TRL Calibration Kit Design for InP Technologies Characterization Up To 500 GHz
Marina Deng (IMS, France)

13.6) Compact Modeling and Parameter Extraction Strategies for InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Chhandak Mukherjee (
IMS, France)

13.7) SMACH: a tool for bipolar model parameter extraction
Bertrand Ardouin (SERMA, France)

13.8) Recent advances in high-speed and large-swing integrated circuits implemented in InGaAs and GaAsSb InP DHBT for terabit-class optical communications
Agnieszka Konczykowska and Romain Hersent (III-V Lab, France)


13.9) InP DHBT based Power Amplifiers for D-band (110 – 170 GHz) Wireless Communication Links
Tom Johansen (DTU, Denmark)

13.10) Ultra-Wideband InP DHBT MMIC Design and Implementation
Viktor Krozer (Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Germany)

Concluding discussion/Take away messages
Cristell Maneux (
IMS, France) and Virginie Nodjiadjim (III-V Lab, France)