IEEE 51st European Solid-State Device Research Conference


IEEE 47th European Solid-State Circuits Conference

5. Toward sustainable IOT from rare materials to big data
Chairs: Audrey Dieudonné (NEED for IoT/UGA), Thierry Baron (NEED for IoT/CNRS), Pascale Caulier (SINANO Institute), Francis Balestra (SINANO Institute/CNRS/Grenoble INP)

5.1) IoT: Promises, Challenges and Solutions

Paolo Gargini (IRDS, USA)

5.2) ICT and mineral raw materials: sustainability issues 
Patrice Christmann (Past member of the UN International Resource Panel, France)

5.3) Can we cope with the upcoming massive deployment of IoT within environmental limits? 
David Bol, Thibault Pirson, ‪Grégoire Le Brun, Jean-Pierre Raskin (UCLouvain, Belgium)

5.4) HiPEAC Vision 2021: key recommendations and the importance of sustainability 
Marc Duranton (HiPEAC-CEA, France)


5.5) Towards a Green and Sustainable Digital Infrastructure: challenges and opportunities
Adrian M. Ionescu (Nanolab, EPFL, Switzerland) 


5.6) Neuromorphic Computing Devices based on Two-Dimensional Materials 
Max Lemme (AMO-RWTH, Germany)


5.7) The environmental footprint of logic CMOS technologies
Lars-Åke Ragnarsson (imec, Belgium)